FlexiFit 405

FlexiFit 405

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When you study the FlexiFit series you can immediately see why these nasal masks are so comfortable and user-friendly.

The FlexiFit 405 Nasal offers an over-the-nose mask solution that fits better, feels lighter and is easier to use.

The stretchgear headgear provides even greater comfort and the maintenance – free bias diffuser ensures a quieter operation.

Flexifit Technology provides a greater range of movement at the nasal bridge, simplifying the fitting. process while improving the deal and comfort.

Unique Glider Strap for freedom of movement while maintaining a seal.  

Supplied fully assembled for a complete and simple out of the box solution.


Key benefits:

  • Petite Foam Cushion

With foam cushion Flexifit technology, the mask automatically adjusts to a wide range of nasal and facial contours with simple one-step ease of fitting and no complicated adjustments.

 Mask comes with small and large size silicone seals that fit onto mask base (one size fits all)

  •  Frame

Complete mask with headgear assembled and ready for use with small and Large foam cushion & silicone seal.

The advanced facially contoured mask frame has smooth soft pads and conforms naturally to the shape of the face to provide a comfortable fit and reliable support. Its slimline design allows side-sleeping without mask displacement.

The sliding Glider™ Strap provides freedom of movement while maintaining a seal. Mask fitting remains equal when the head rotates from side to side, minimizing the occurrence of leaks.

  •  Forehead support

The headgear comes with forehead pads and can also be adjusted on the top of the head, which is always a good feature for added fit and stability. Additionally, there is a quick-release cord for ‘quickly’ taking off the mask.

  •  Rotating Elbow

360 degree rotating elbow provides greater latitude for the patient to move naturally.

  • Noiseless

The advanced maintenance-free air diffuser system prevents air from blowing onto the sleeping partner and decreases noise that could potentially disrupt sleep.

  • Headgear

The easy one-step removal of the headgear for cleaning, enables reassembly without having to make readjustments.

 Available in One size with small and Large foam cushion and silicone seal and sold with a peace of mind full manufacturers guarantee.

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