Oracle 452 Oral Mask
Oracle 452 Oral Mask

Oracle 452 Oral Mask

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The Fisher & Paykel Oracle mask has been clinically proven to function as effectively as a nasal mask. The Oracle Oral mask is a perfect solution for mouth breathers and patients with chronic nasal obstruction and who cannot use or do not like nasal masks, nasal pillows or full-face masks. The Oracle 452 mask is very easy and convenient to wear and has minimal contact points which prevents blemishes and provides maximum comfort. It also does not obstruct your eyes allowing you a clear field of vision.

Key benefits:

  • Soft Seal Mouthpiece

The SoftSeal Mouthpiece is silicone based and intended to be placed comfortably inside your mouth. The SoftSeal will help to eliminate abrasions and contact points; moreover, together with the SnapFlap Cover, the SoftSeal will also assist in maximizing the effectiveness of your seal. The SoftSeal piece is very easy to wear and will work with most dentures.

  • Frame

The Rotating Adjustment Dial developed by F & P is a clever solution to the ever-present issue of creating a proper fit for your mask. The dial can be rotated so that you can either tighten or loosen the fit between the headgear and mouthpiece according to your preference. To adjust, simply slide your fingers up and down the dial.

  • Rotating Elbow

Includes flextubing which rotates 360 degrees and provides greater latitude for the patient to move naturally throughout the night.

  • Noiseless

Comes with a filter to stifle noise, and exhalation holes near the elbow of the device to help diffuse air away from you and your partner to ensure you have a quiet sleep.

  • Headgear

 The Oracle's single strap headgear is small and lightweight, wrapping around your neck at chin height. With just one strap, the rest of your face is unobstructed, guarantees you a free field of vision and at the same time a stable fit and is latex free.


Available in One size and sold with a peace of mind full manufacturers guarantee.

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