CPAP Tubing

CPAP Tubing is a vital but often overlooked part of your CPAP equipment. Intus provide a range of CPAP tubes to fit almost any CPAP machine. Most manufacturers recommend replacing your CPAP tubing every three months to avoid bacteria build-up inside, and prevent leakage occurring through holes, tears or the connector looking grip. There are three main types of CPAP tubes:

Regular CPAP Tubing The standard grey tubing provided with most CPAP machines. It uses a 22mm universal connection. Our standard CPAP tubing will fit any CPAP machine and is an affordable, simple solution.

 Slimline CPAP Tubing Also known at 15mm tubing, Slimline tubing is narrower than convention tubing, and therefore lighter and less intrusive. Not all CPAP machines are compatible with Slimline or 15mm tubing. The Slimline is a universal, cost-effective slimline tube.

 Heated CPAP Tubing When using a humidifier, you may experience water in the mask or tube. This is caused by the humidifier air cooling as it travels through the tube, causing condensation. This is more common during winter months. This can be prevented by using a heated hose. A heated hose also ensures the air reaches the mask as warm, and therefore comfortable, as possible. The Hybernite is a universal option compatible with any machine.