Opus Nasal Pillow Mask

Opus Nasal Pillow Mask

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The Fisher & Paykel slim-line design allows for almost any sleeping position without mask displacement. Its innovative 360-degree pivoting ball-and-socket elbow provides greater versatility. With its silicone pillows and facially Contoured Mask Frame for extra stability, patient comfort is paramount.

Elegant in design and simplicity, let the Opus 360 Nasal Pillows Mask from Fisher & Paykel Healthcare work for you today.

 Key benefits:

  • Nasal Pillow

The anatomically shaped pillows provide easy fitting with an excellent seal. The contours of the nasal pillows ensures greater comfort and comes with three sizes of silicone seals to ensure perfect fit. (S,M,L)

The enhanced seal technology has a soft, smooth feel and slides easily into position.

  • Frame

The facially contoured mask frame has smooth soft pads and conforms naturally to the shape of the face to provide a comfortable fit and reliable support. Its slimline design allows side-sleeping without mask displacement.

  •  Rotating Elbow

The innovative pivot system allows the tube to be anchored at the top or side or left free to track. Alternatively, the tube can be left unanchored so that the ball and socket elbow allows true 360- degree freedom. 360-degree pivoting ball-and-socket elbow also provides greater versatility.

  • Noiseless

The advanced air diffuser system is quiet, minimising the noise and draft of the exhaust flow to prevent both sleeper and partner disturbance.

  • Headgear

The easy one-step removal of the headgear for cleaning, enables reassembly without having to make readjustments.

 Available in One size with three sizes of silicone seals and sold with a peace of mind full manufacturers guarantee.

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