Slimline Tube R1400
Slimline Tube R1400
Slimline Tube R1400

Slimline Tube R1400

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The Respire slimline reusable CPAP Tube is the standard 180cm tube length and latex free.

Ultra-Light weight with 22mm diameter tube connectors that can be used with any CPAP machine or mask.

Identical in performance and durability and one of the slimmest and lightest weight tubes on the market.

The tube is durable, and very flexible. It is a great choice for a replacement tube for your CPAP machine when required.

Key benefits:

  • Smoothbore tube

Flexible and light tube with a smooth interior surface to avoid stagnation and resistance to kinking, low flow resistance with reduced turbulences, making it extra light.

  • Tube Connections

22mm universal connectors with soft cuffs to ensure a good and secured fit to the machine and mask 

  • Performance and Durability

The external spiral makes it resistant to crushing and performance is identical to the standard 22mm tube, and one of the lightest weight tubes on the market which enables the patient to move more easily throughout the night.

Available in 180cm length and sold with a peace of mind full manufacturers guarantee. 

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